These early bikes were produced while the factory was under the control of the Zanini incarnation of Laverda.  They came in a variety of colours, and are easily distinguished from later 668 fully faired models in that they have a single rectangular headlight.  All came fitted with WP suspension.  The first 20 or so bikes were produced in 1992, and were sent to various distributors in the intended initial markets as a homolugation model.  These bikes can be readily identified by a combination of very low frame numbers and a small round Laverda badge on the side of the fairing, close to the blinker.

The engine castings used are regarded to be of better quality material than those of the later Tognon era 650's, and have not been reported to suffer from the casting related failures associated with the later bikes.  They do still have the Ducati voltage regulator, and the very first homolugation models are reputed to have an 'experimental' version of the Weber Marelli control unit that is not as reliable as those on later bikes.

Production numbers were very small, with possibly fewer than 100 total bikes being produced before the start of the Tognon era.

Zanini 650

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