There's little that can be done to improve the impeccable handling of the 668.  The Nico Bakker designed frame set a benchmark for handling performance in the small sport bike market and the only cheap improvement that the owner can make is in their choice of tyres and adjusting the suspension setup.

Paoli Adjustment Kit

The factory can supply an adjustment kit for the Paoli suspension as an option.  This allows the spring preload to be modified without resorting to the alternative of changing spacers within the fork legs.  I don't have any more details to hand right now, but I'll fill them in as I find them.

Suspension Setup

The 668s are (mostly) fitted with Paoli suspension, although some early ones had WP suspension front and rear and WP was also later listed as an orderable option.  The 650 Formula variant all have WP suspension.  A separate Paoli owners manual for the suspension came with my bike, listing the various adjustments etc that the rider can make, without really addressing the *why* aspects of the equation.  I'd suggest that a good starting point would be to make yourself familiar with the manual and check that you understand *how* to adjust your suspension, and then check out some of the other Internet resources that cover the *why* aspects.


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