Regular service, according to the Laverda service schedule, is essential to maintain your bike in top condition and ensure maximum longevity.  However, doing this can be difficult as Laverda is not a common brand and dealers with stocks of service parts may or may not be readily accessible.  My own dealer doesn't seem to hold much, if any, service stock, so much so that they have missed replacing filters and plugs on occasion.  This has led to me having to locate suitable alternatives for a number of service parts.

To help make sense of the list shown in the owners manual, Matt Callaghan has developed a maintenance check sheet for his 668 - click here to see it.

Air Filter

I have managed to find an easily obtainable alternative for the air filter from the Volkswagen AG stable, as fitted to certain Golf etc models, so that at least is covered.  K&N also offer an alternative, once again designed for the Volkswagen cars.  Given that many people recommend de-restricting the airbox for performance reasons and even in extreme cases going to pod air filters, the filters that you may need for your bike may, of course, be different.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an unusual size, and even though Champion is pretty easy to find as a brand, they are not readily available in the city in which I live. Here at least it probably pays to keep a spare set on hand


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