Pillion Seat Cover

The early promotional pictures of the 668 show a bike with yellow (or red) mirrors, rather than the later black units as fitted to all the 668s I've seen to date.  They also showed a pillion seat cover which adds a certain something to the overall look of the bike.  I liked the look, and rarely carry a pillion passenger, so I ordered a yellow rear cover from the factory.  This is the same part as for the later 750 S and is listed as being available in four colours.  The Moto Laverda USA web site lists them in their Accesories pages.

In my personal opinion this cover looks really nice and is very easy to fit, although I'd allow maybe a half hour or so to change from one to the other.  The supplied cover is simply the plastic piece, and it completely replaces the pillion pad, rather than covering it.  To change them you need to move the lock across and also ease apart the rear seat hump after removing the tool tray and the riders seat bump, plus at least one of the two screws in the side of the rear seat hump.  I found that it was a good idea to make sure that the lock was not too tight a fit in the plastic cover, as it was difficult to change back to a standard pillion seat when I went touring recently, and I wanted to use a heavy seat bag which could have damaged the plastic cover.

Yellow is reputedly the hardest of all colours to match exactly, so there is a slight colour difference between the seat and the seat hump.  This isn't really noticeable, and there are other differences in other body panels that have been repainted after an accident that are more annoying.

An alternative, suggested by Martin Damsma in Holland, is to recover the rear seat with an imitation leather the same colour as the bikes body work.  This has the advantages of being cheaper than the rear seat cover, and also avoiding the need to change from one to the other if you want to carry a passenger.

Pillion Seat Cover

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