There are a number of places on the internet that have information related to  the 650/668, as well as a few online reviews of various incarnations of the  650/668. Information is also available in printed magazine articles, and an  excellent couple of chapters in the recent Mick Walker book, Laverda Twins and Triples.   If you know of any  other useful links, or other magazine articles that have appeared on these  bikes, please drop me a line and  I'll add them to the list.

Factory Manuals

Internet Links


Factory 50th Anniversary book, The Story of a  Passion, covering the period 1947-1997. Laverda part number is  0940030000005.   This was initially a limited edition, numbered set, but was  subsequently reprinted and may still be available. The reprint is still  expensive, and probably nowhere near as collectable, but still worth it.

  • Introduction
  • Francesco Laverda, a man, an idea: the motorcycle
  • The Moto Laverda production from 1950 to 1967
  • Laverda 750
  • Laverda 1000 e Laverda 1200
  • Laverda 500 e Laverda 350
  • Laverda 1000 V6
  • Off-road
  • Laverda 125
  • Laverda x 4
  • Laverda prototype
  • Intenational I.MO.LA Moto Laverda

Mick Walker's Laverda Twins and Triple has  quite good information on the Zane era bikes and the Breganze small twins that  lead up to them

Other Information

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