Oil Level

The difference between the top and bottom marks is around 800-1,000 mls.  The engine will hold slightly under 4 litres of oil, so a measured low oil level indicates that you are running on less than 3/4 of the lubricant required in  the engine.  The factory have issued a service bulletin that states that it is essential that the oil level is checked every 1,000 kms.  This is irrespective of wether or not the bike has had the factory upgrades fitted.  They recommend that the oil level on bikes fitted with the dip stick arrangement, rather than the earlier oil level sight glass, be checked with the bike held upright on a level surface and with the stick resting on top of the filler hole, but not screwed in.  The oil level must be returned to the top mark.

These bikes will always use oil, so it is very important to check them as specified by the factory.  Using oil does not automatically mean that the engine requires upgrades, it is excessive oil consumption that indicates that.  There has not been a definitive statement as to what is regarded as an acceptable level of oil consumption, but 1 litre per 1,000 kms would definintely be too high, perhaps under 400 mls per 1,000 kms could be seen to be acceptable.

Technical Bulletin 16/99

Here is the text of the official Laverda Technical Bulletin number 16/99, dated 23/09/1999:-

"It is extremely important to recommend the Users to check the oil level on a periodical basis.  Even if such a recommendation could seem inappropriate, in reality there is is growing evidence that several engine troubles, especially in hot weather areas, are due to the lack of the oil level control.

"This recommendation is extremely important for the 650 and 668 c.c. engines that, being air and oil colled have no forced ventilation system.

"The oil level inspection has to be performed every 1,000 kilometres, adding the oil up to the maximum level.

"Obviously, the oil inspection must be performed with the engine at standard working temperature and having care to have the motorcycle perpendicular to the ground and resting the oil cap (not screwed) on the hole of the clutch cover."

Oil Level

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