The symptoms of problems with your particular engine will vary, but most often an early warning sign is excessive oil consumption and reduced compression.  This is reputedly related to problems with the barrels and liners, as well as the pistons.

My 668 had no engine modifications fitted prior to me buying it due almost certainly to a lack of communication from the distributor to my dealer and now, after 18,000 kms, is using approx 800 ml of oil per 1,000 kms as well as being down on compression.

It is therefore extremely important to closely monitor the oil consumption of your engine, as you will in this way hopefully get sufficient warning of the onset of problems to ensure that they can be rectified before additional consequential damage occurs.  I started to see high oil consumption on my motor at around 9,000 kms, right at the end of my 12 month warranty, and have been changing the oil and topping it up regularly ever since.

The factory have supplied me with a complete upgrade kit, shipped to me directly, as my original distributor and dealer are no longer part of the Laverda channel.  I will have these fitted soon, at my cost.  The approximate retail value of the kit is around US$2,000, based on the ex-factory invoices, although individual distributors and dealers might charge different rates for the parts, in the unfortunate event that you cannot have your upgrade kit supplied within warranty or as ex gratia post warranty period expiry.

Oil Consumption

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