Number Plate Holder

Laverda part 061 009 000065.  This is a fragile part in that it appears that the original ones were made of a material that doesn't withstand the vibrations of the motor when coupled with being asked to support a number plate.  There have been many reports of cracks appearing in them, usually starting as a small crack along one or other of the sharp right angled bends near where the number plate and indicator stalks are mounted.  This has happened on my 668, and to an even greater extent on Matt Callaghans bike.  The 668 as delivered has a sturdy looking metal bracket that isn't attached to the holder itself, and looks like maybe it should have been.  I suspect it wasn't attached due to the way a small rectangular rear red reflector was attached to the bottom of the plastic holder.  If your holder hasn't cracked (yet) then you might like to consider attaching the holder to the splash guard support bracket after removing or resituating this reflector.  The 750 S would appear to have it this way as standard.  The posts on the reflector can be removed, a recess driled in their place and short flat headed bolts araldited in place to retain the reflector.

I was supplied with a warranty replacement holder which is made of a less rigid plastic, with a slightly greater thickness and it feels much more flexible.  It has a smoother surface also.  This is the same as fitted to later 750 models.

Some markets apparently have an additional piece fastened to the standard holder (the Netherlands for one).  This may aggravate the problem, or it may be alleviated as these appear to come fitted to the metal bracket as standard.

Number Plate Holder

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