There is a recent book by Mick Walker, published by Crowood Press in 1999.  It is 176 pages, ISBN number 1 86126 220 5.  I bought my copy through an Internet bookshop in the UK, and it should be readily available in good bookshops or from the Internet bookshops like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. 

In spite of the title appearing to restrict the topics covered to the larger bikes, it does contain useful sections on the early small bikes, scooters and such, as well as the tiddler 125/175 Zundapp based two strokes, Husqvarna and BMW connections, as well as the legendary Vee-six and various specials.

All in all, this book comes highly recommended.  It can happily form a part of any Laverda enthusiasts library, it certainly is frequently referred to by me.

The sections on the 650/668 do contain some information that is contradictory to what you might find on my site.  I make no apologies for that - my sources differ from Mick's.  He may be right, who knows?

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