The following notes come from John Ryti, who has been successful in AHMRA racing on Laverdas and is currently campaigning a 668 Ghost.

"As I have been racing the Ghost here in the US now since February I have researched modifying it greatly. Now as for shaving the head it makes more sense to remove sleeves and remove material from bottom of block than take it off of the head: 

  1. You don't have as big a job trying to make the recess in the head for the cylinders.
  2. You can accomplish the same thing (raising the compression) but not changing the height of [the] head therefore keeping the squish area in a better place.

"Just an observation.  Granted, yes there are other considerations and things that must be done before one "whacks" metal from these areas, but this one we've found to be the simplest."

You might also like to check out Tombo's information on shaving the head for higher compression - similar results can be acheived, it may be a decision between you and your machinist as to which you prefer.


High Compression

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