Half Fairing

The 668 shares many common parts with other Laverda models, not just in the running gear but also in body panels.  I have fitted a pair of  black pre painted 750 S half fairing lowers to my yellow 668 in place of the full fairing lowers, and I'm pleased with the overall effect.  Another alternative would be to try 668 Diamante fairing lowers.  The engine is still partly obscured, but at least it is visible and, based on the design criteria outlined by Massimo Laverda himself for the original 650/750 engine, the appearance of the engine is central to the bikes visual presence.  It does, however, give me more to keep clean....

The 750 S lowers are partly fouled by the oil cooler radiators, so I removed a small amount of material from them where they touch the radiators to reduce the stress loading.  There is also a problem convincing them to stay neatly under the false tank as the 750 S frame has a threaded hole for a mounting bolt to locate the lower.  The 668 has no such hole and the rubber cushion on the base of the false tank is nowhere near enough to hold the lower in place.  Rather than drilling and tapping equivalent holes in the 668 frame I simply got long cable ties and attached the lowers (invisibly) back to the throttle bodies.  This has been perfectly satisfactory for the last 5,000 kms.

Half Fairing

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