This bike was built by Pieter Huiting and appeared at the Ducati Clubraces at Assen, August 22nd, 1999.  The motor apparently blew up that day, but according to Pieter was quickly repaired afterwards.  It is based on a Kevlar Serie 650, fram 1427, Kevlar Serie number 376.  The original motor is apparently being looked at for possible performance improvements too.   Here is what Pieter says about his Folan:-

"Yes, the Aprillia engine would have been easier and cheaper no match for the Folan, which is a v-twin, 936 cc , 100 bhp and not tuned yet, total weight of the bike race-ready 150 kg....wheelies all over the place and fun, fun, fun"

Marnix van der Schalk took the picture, shown here.  The original, larger, picture is available on his 750 SFC Register site.

You may also be interested in a production Folan engined bike, from Highland Motors of Sweden, who have aquired the rights to the V-twin motor from the original developers, Folan.


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