Phil Stephens has three 668's and races them, so he knows a thing or two about engine removal.  The service manual has a standard procedure and is quite easy to follow.  This is what Phil has to say about the procedure:-

"After many motor removal and replacement exercises during [the] last year as well as many other racing damage repairs to the 668s with the aluminium tanks, I found that, in general, it was best to try to leave the tank and rear subframe assembly on with the harness routing etc, and that this was achievable by putting the bike on a bench about eighteen inches off the ground with some supporting tie downs from roof support eyes.

"Remove the airbox and injection assembly as a unit then the intake stubs, loosen all four subframe bolts, support the weight of subframe and tank with a tie down from a roof eye, remove the rear tank mount nuts, remove the upper pair of subframe bolts then let the subframe rotate down lifting the front of the tank up a little. The first time, getting the harness routing right on reassembly was frustrating and several removals and reattachments of the subframe were involved to pass the harness through all the right spots.  After several goes at this, with an assistant to help actually lift, support and position the motor while removing and replacing the bolts, the exchange of a motor came down to about 3 hours. 

"This approach of rotating the subframe and tank back has also allowed repairs like R&R of the starter motor without R&R of the motor."

Engine Removal

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