There have been a number of reports of problems with starting/running that have been traced back to a failure in the Crank Position Sensor or CPS.  This is I believe a Magneti Marelli SEN 8K and variants are common to a number of makes and models which use the same type of ECUs as the Zane Laverdas, so you can try your local Moto Guzzi dealership if you need a replacement.

The sensor is able to be accessed very easily - it is attached from the outside of the motor, at the front of the left hand side engine side cover, right by the inspection cover for the PK rotor.  The factory parts manual calls it a "Sensor SEN 8K"  The same sensor is also used as a cam position sensor.

Rumour has it that the SEN 8K part ceased production in 1997, so we may need to make some changes to our bikes if we can't get the exact part from our suppliers.  A SEN 8D has a straight wire exit, and the SEN 8K-3 has a three pit connector rather than a two pin.  Both should be able to be adapted.

The spec sheet for the currently available members of the SEN 8 series is at:-


Crank Position Sensor

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