These bikes date from 1999, late in the evolution of the 650/668.  They were manufactured in an exclusive series of 50 that was reportedly very well received and sold extremely quickly.  It is interesting to note that they are shown in publicity material as having  the expansion box - does anyone know if they were manufactured and shipped this way? For a discussion of he importance of this, see the exhaust section under Performance.

From the Laverda factory web site, dated March 1999, comes the following:-

"As any true Cafè Racer, the Laverda Black Strike 668 has a non-conventional look. It is all black and the only other colours are the white background of the instruments and the silver grey of the exhaust system. An elegant and sporty combination that highlights the uniqueness of the Laverda Black Strike 668 Cafè Racer.

"Being a Cafè Racer, the Laverda Black Strike 668 is not an everybody else's motorcycle.    It will be manufactured in only 50 units, numbered and distinguished by a special plate. Any  owner of the Laverda Black Strike 668 Cafè Racer will receive a certificate of originality of the motorcycle.

"The air and oil cooled Laverda 668 engine delivers 70 HP and has been submitted to a large variety of upgrading and improvements. It has a new engine head, the cylinder liners have a new grinding, the pistons and the piston rings are new as well, the oil circulation circuit has been redesigned to improve cooling and lubrication at the same time, the oil  pump has a larger flow and the crankcases are the same of the 750 c.c. versions."

Front end factory photo of Black Strike
Montage of "The Cafe Racer" from the factory
Limited Edition

Black Strike

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