The standard battery fitment for all 650/668 models was a lead/acid unit.  On my bike I have a Bosch battery, part number 0 180 051 814.  This works just fine.  However, some folks have had problems, sometimes related to the voltage regulator, and have needed to replace their battery.  I have heard nothing but good reports on the Odyssey starved electrolyte batteries from Hawker Energy in the US.  In fact, Laverda fitted these batteries as standard on the 750 Formula, I understand.  There is an (admittedly Moto Guzzi oriented) supplier of these batteries who will do mail order at good prices at Encore Performance.

The Hawker part is a Genesis EP series G12V 16Ah 10 EP, part number 0769-2007.  There have been many claims of better cold cranking performance and longer battery service life for the Hawker unit, so when you get to the point of replacing your existing battery it could well be worth considering changing.


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