The original 650 frame was developed in the Netherlends by Niko Bakker.  This frame was equipped with a 600 cc motor.  Somehow or other one of these bikes made its way to the Laverda factory and formed the basis of the later 650/668 model range.  Widely praised as having one of the best handling frames in the world at the time, the bikes have been accussed, perhaps unfairly, of being under powered - a great frame in search of a motor.  This is, as always, only a point of view, and many owners are more than happy with their bikes performance in real world riding.

There is some excellent historical information on the early development and prototype 650 motorcycles in the excellent book by Mick Walker, "Laverda Twins and Triples".  This book was published in 1999, so should be reasonably easy to find.  Another source of information on the origins of these bikes is the page on the 'Little Twins' by Stephen Battison of Australia, on his excellent Laverda in Australia web site..

650 Prototype

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