Tellis framed naked bike, supplied in both red and yellow, with the same frame geometry as the more numerous extruded alloy perimeter frame used in other models.  It seems stylistically aimed to compete with the Ducati Monster, but with more power than the M600 or M750, and arguably a much nicer looking bike.  Two variants, with subtle but definite difference,  are shown in the two factory shots below.  Potentially these are related to model year, maybe one or other picture represents a prototype.

One of these bikes, owned by Greg Stouffers in Australia, is orange rather than the two standard colours, but Greg has just recently discovered red paint underneath the orange.  No one, not the factory, distributor or his dealer, seems to know how this particular bike came to be orange.  Greg has had the engine replaced on his bike, due to a number of problems, possibly many of which were unique to his bike. .

Engine No

Frame No




March 1998, owned by John Howard, USA










Yellow 650 Ghost factory photo

650 Ghost

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