These pages are about the motorcycles in the Laverda 650/668 range as produced in Zane, Italy, between 1992 and 1999.  Laverda was sold to Aprilia in mid 2000.  With problems with parts supply etc during the transition to the new management, it is more important than ever for owners to pool our knowledge of these bikes.

Information comes from personal  experience, owning and living with  my two 1996 668 Sports, and the experiences of many others.  Some information from Moto Laverda has been included (with permission) .  Where possible sources are identified, and contact details given.

Pages are arranged in a number of sections, with overlaps in many places.  All related information should be checked to form a complete picture.  Also, as always with any information found on the Internet, don't take anything you read here as gospel - it is, after all, only someone's opinion!

Head to my Laverda in New Zealand pages for lots of pictures and more general Laverda information.


Laverda 650/668 Technical Information

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